What We Do

GS1 US administers the GS1 System of Standards to our member companies and encourages the widespread adoption and strategic use of GS1 Standards throughout industries.

We provide support services, tools, education, and training to help connect business communities through events and online forums that foster collaboration.

GS1 Standards make it possible to identify, capture, and share information automatically and accurately about products, business locations, and more.

Forty Years of the Global Language of Business
GS1 Standards have been used for more than 40 years. In 1973, the grocery industry came together to agree on one way of doing business by adopting the U.P.C. barcode. This cooperation marked the beginning of GS1 US.

Imagine a World without Standards - A GS1 Documentary

Annual Overview
Learn more about GS1 US and our efforts to enhance industry engagement and drive the adoption and use of GS1 Standards in our Annual Overview.

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